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    About us
            ZhongJingWei Micro-Electronic Technoloyy Devlopment CO.,LTD. Is a company committed to the intelligent instruments, meters, automation equipment and other electronic products research and development and manufacturing of high-tech private enterprises. Chairman of the board of directors of the company Guo Renlong researcher in the field of relay testing technology research more than 20 years, and obtained the breakthrough.
            ompanies with strong technical strength, strict quality management, research market trends and customer needs, the application leading science and technology innovation products, launched a series of comprehensive parameters of relay tester and other testing and test equipment, widely used in domestic relay industry, and exported to Europe, America, southeast Asia, Japan and Taiwan and other regions. At home in addition to the civil relay manufacturer, many military industrial enterprises and scientific research units is using our products, some models by the military system and the highest quality certification unit as an important equipment to evaluate the relay product quality.
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    Tel/Fax:: 0755-25558306    Contact: Mr. ye:13922843768  Mr. guo:13802280369
    Http://www.clhwy.cn   E-mail:zjw@szzjw.com   Post Code: 518081
    Address:6th floor,multipleuse Building ,150Ka Industrial company ,YanTian Town Shenzhen City Webmaster

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